Paint. Drink. Unwind.

Join us for a watercolor BYOB class with your friends! Our artist instructor will take you through the steps of creating a unique, personal masterpiece to take home.

A little learning, a little drinking,
and a LOT of fun!

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Get your friends and family together for an unique, art-filled night!

Enjoy a relaxing and fun step-by-step painting class, during which your guests each create their own watercolor masterpiece to take home.

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We offer BYOB classes and painting technique classes for beginner and intermediate students.

In each class, instructor teaches the painting step by step and demonstrates each technique to the class.

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Drawing classs topics:
  • Animals
  • Portraiture
  • Anatomy
  • Anime
  • Architecture
  • Still Life
Each class is a self contained lesson where the instructor shows students how to create a specific drawing starting from blocking out the image to putting in the details. A different image will be taught at each class.

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We're expanding Houston Art Lessons to incorporate cafe and gallery components. We're very excited to open a new hangout for artists and art lovers of the Houston community where we can share our love of beautiful food and art.

Unfortunately, we have run into some issues in construction and have launched a Kickstarter with awesome food and art rewards to help cover the extra pumbing and electrical costs.

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